All investor signatories to the Climate Action 100+ initiative are responsible for their own voting decisions – this includes pre-declaration and vote solicitation. Climate Action 100+ investor networks do not seek to provide voting recommendations or to facilitate block voting.1

The investor networks may flag relevant shareholder resolutions and circulate information from the lead investors and/or investor signatories filing or co-filing relevant shareholder resolutions, where the resolution is: 

  • Consistent with the goals of Climate Action 100+, directly addressing at least one aspect of the goals
  • Worded such that the request of management is considered reasonable and not burdensome
  • Complementary to existing engagement strategy as set out by the Climate Action 100+ investor engagement collaboration. 

See links below for some of the key resolutions at Climate Action 100+ focus companies to take place in 2020:

1This information is published to promote free discussion, debate, and learning among investors and the general public. Climate Action 100+ and Ceres do not seek directly or indirectly, either on their own or another’s behalf, the power to act as proxy for a security holder and do not furnish or otherwise request, or act on behalf of a person who furnishes or requests, a form of revocation, abstention, consent or authorization. Climate Action 100+ and Ceres do not provide investment, legal, accounting or tax advice. Climate Action 100+ and Ceres do not necessarily endorse or validate the information contained herein.

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